SSFs in the Mediterranean: part of the solution not the problem.


Small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean: part of the solution not the problem.


The European small-scale coastal fisheries sector (SSCF) – defined as fishing from vessels less than 12 metres and using non-towed gears is overlooked, misunderstood, and poorly represented. It is Europe’s majority fleet, comprising 70-80% of the Europe’s fishing fleet by numbers, both at EU level and in the Mediterranean. For decades it has been excluded from the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), and has lacked a voice in the decisions that affect its prospects.

The Low Impact Fishers of Europe and the ECOMERS Laboratory of the University of Cote d’Azur jointly organized an event as part of the Monaco Ocean Week on Wednesday April 11 2018 in Monaco to draw attention to the SSCF as part of the solution to the problems facing the Mediterranean.

The event aimed to highlight the strengths and potential of SSF in the Mediterranean to make a difference and to find solutions to the problems of overfishing, marine litter, environmental degradation, and to contribute to knowledge of the marine environment and the dynamics of fish stocks.

Panellists included (click on each name to access the corresponding presentation):

Panel 1: Adding Sustainability along the Value Chain: from Sea to Plate

Panel 2: Getting the Governance Right