Pulse fishing: a European scandal

Pulse fishing: a European scandal

LIFE members & Management team up with a number of organisations across Europe to stop the attempt

to pave the way to a legal and widespread use of this harmful gear. 

Brussels, 8 January 2018

Pulse fishing  is widely recognized as destructive and has already been banned in most fishing nations worldwide, but in past years in the European Union a part of the fishing industry disguised its use for commercial interests under the label of research and innovation.

On the 16th of January the European Parliament will vote on whether to allow pulse fishing to expand.

This will certainly lead to long-term and large-scale disastrous consequences for marine ecosystems and small-scale fishing communities.

It is time to stop the process now: join LIFE members and call on the Members of the European Parliament to withdraw electric fishing from the January 16 vote.

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