Regional Plan of Action for SSFs


Mediterranean fisheries

RPOA-SSF monitoring framework and priority actions


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This document provides a common framework to guide the implementation of the Regional plan of action for small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (RPOA-SSF). For each main section within the RPOA-SSF the document identifies:

–          General indicators to measure progress in implementing the RPOA-SSF over the course of its duration (2018-2028).

–          Topics which are short-termpriorities (2019-2021) for RPOA-SSF implementation. For identified priority topics, a short-term objective has been proposed, as well as specific actions to be undertaken through GFCM bodies (i.e. work plan).

Relevant work that is being/will be carried out by partner organizations (particularly in the context of the Friends of SSF platform, which includes LIFE’s work) has been noted.

This document will be finally approved (with potential slightly modifications from the CPCs) within the framework of the next GFCM Commission to be held in Athens from 4-8th November 2019.