Correspondence with Vella on Tuna Quota

Allocation of Artisanal Bluefin Tuna Quota: Commissioner Vella commits to addressing this regularly with MS to ensure that CFP provisions for a fair allocation of quota are correctly applied.

In an exchange of letters between LIFE and Commissioner Vella concerning the allocation of a dedicated, non-transferable Bluefin tuna quota for small scale hook and line fishers just prior to and post the ICCAT Annual meeting in Vilamoura, Portugal from November 14 to 21, Commissioner Vella explained that ICCAT decides on Bluefin quota allocations amongst the Contracting Parties (CPCs), not on the allocation of these quotas between the various sectors within a given CPC. Responsibility therefore lies with EU Member States to implement the provisions of the recent Bluefin tuna regulation 2016/ 1627 as regards a fair distribution of quota, and giving consideration to traditional and artisanal fisheries.
However, Commissioner Vella assured LIFE that “the Commission will continue to address this (quota issue) regularly with Member States to ensure that these provisions are correctly applied”.

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