LIFE Platform: Outcome of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council


Council gives cod and fishers a chance,

but leaves fate of small scale sector in hands of Member States.

Brussels, 12 October 2016

LIFE Platform

On Monday 10, The Council reached a political agreement on the fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2017.

The agreement includes an increase in catches for herring (except in the Gulf of Riga), plaice, and salmon (except in the Gulf of Finland) in line with the Commission proposal. For the remaining stocks, ministers decided on a smaller increase for sprat and no increase for salmon in the main basin.

The following reductions were also agreed: 25% for Eastern cod, 56% for Western cod including bag limit provisions for recreational fisheries, 11% for herring in the Gulf of Riga and 20% for salmon in the Gulf of Finland.

Following these important decisions, the Low Impact Fishers of Europe issue a statement to express their view on the way forward to ensure sustainable and viable fisheries in the Region in 2017 and beyond.

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