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Fishers Associations


Sveriges Yrkesfiskares Ekonomiska Förening (SYEF)


Cofradía Nuestra Señora de los Reyes

Arts Menors Costa Brava

Association of Boat Fishers “Mierzeja”

Latvian Fishermen Federation


Asociación de Armadores y Pescadores Miracanarias


Ribara malim alatima of HOK



Atuneros Artesanales con Línea de Mano del Mediterráneo

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If you would like to become a member, please follow this link and fill in the application form.

– FAQ –

Why should I join?

Joining LIFE is being part of a community sharing the same values, goals and challenges and cooperating to ensure a better future of the sector.

Will it make a difference?

Being part of LIFE will make a huge difference. Your organisation will become part of a european network of low impact small-scale fishermen and will be supported by a professional team to help you identify new opportunities.

What are the benefits?

The benefits for LIFE’s members are to be actively involved in the European decision-making process and to receive constant guidance on the latest’s developments at institutional level, including on policies and funds.

How much does it cost?

For the current year, becoming a member of LIFE is free. In the future, a symbolic contribution could be requested.


What do I need to join?

Make sure that your organisation complies with the Declaration and Mission Statement and follow the application process in the “Become a Member” section.

How long will my membership last?

After your application is examined and accepted by LIFE’s Board of Directors, the membership of your organization will be automatically renewed every year, unless you decide otherwise.